August 12, 2022
Oatmeal Creme Pies Ice Cream – and the Cosmic Brownie Ice Cream

Cosmic Brownies Ice Cream features a brownie batter ice cream filled with mini rainbow chips and brownie pieces.

In summer, when heat is your enemy, an ice cream mold can save you from it. There is no doubt that when the desire to enjoy ice cream arises, some problems arise. The supermarket is far away, you can’t find your favorite ice cream, there are no suitable ice creams for your diet.

Can you imagine being able to create the perfect ice cream for you? Without a doubt, it would be phenomenal. For this reason, it becomes essential that you have a mold to make your favorite ice creams at home. Thus, you will not deprive yourself of the pleasure of enjoying a frozen dessert at any time. In this guide we will help you find the best mold in relation to your needs.

Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies Ice Cream

Cosmic Brownies Ice Cream

The brownie batter Cosmic Brownies Ice Cream isn’t premium by any stretch, but it still deserves some reps. This a deeper, darker chocolate than your typical chocolate ice cream. It is not as fudgy in flavor as flat-out brownie batter. It tastes more “rich” and is overall quite satisfying.

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The Cosmic Brownie Ice Cream  blows ice cream making away on the mix-in front. The density of little brownie chunks is some multiple of the infrequent oatmeal cookie chunks in the OCP flavor. The brownie chunks are nice and chewy and really round the brownie profile into form. (reference).

Little Debbie’s New Ice Cream Line 

Available for $3 per pint, Little Debbie ice cream is pretty affordable, so it’s easy to taste-test each flavor. As a former Little Debbie connoisseur who’d inhale two-plus rolls a day, I’m most excited to try its Swiss Rolls ice cream flavor, which has a chocolate-cake base with chocolate-cake pieces and a swirl of whipped cream (like the snack itself) packed inside.

If these desserts were a staple of your childhood or just sound good to you, head to your local Walmart to try all seven flavors, or shop them online. Keep reading to get an understanding of what each pint holds. (Ref).

Ice cream mold

More than once we have thought of making our own ice cream. However, we may have heard experiences from others that were not good or our results have not been the best. For this reason, we will help you to solve your doubts in this regard.

How to use the ice cream mold?

If your mold is new, it is important to disinfect it well. Make sure it’s ready to enjoy your homemade ice cream. It is ideal to submerge the molds for about 10 minutes in boiling water so that they are ready to use.

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Then, make your favorite fruit mix, sweeten to taste and pour the product into your mold. Afterwards, you can put it in the fridge for about 4 hours for your ice cream to freeze. To unmold it, let it rest outside the fridge for about 4 minutes or pass it through water and it will come out easily from the mold. With the right recipe, you can even make the Cosmic Brownie Ice Cream.

What types of ice cream mold are there?

Today, there are new types of ice cream and ways to make it. All this generates a better experience for lovers of frozen desserts ice cream like the Cosmic Brownie Ice Cream.

Water ice cream or creamy Cosmic Brownie Ice Cream, can I use the same mold in both cases?

brownie batter ice cream

Many times we wonder what kind of ice cream mold we should buy if we want to make a creamy or a water-based ice cream. However, any ice cream mold will serve you for both options, since they have bases that allow them to come out easily. In the case of creamy ice cream, it is better to leave it in the freezer between 6-8 hours.

Make sure you get a good result. If you’re looking for a frosted ice cream, it’s recommended that you cover it after it’s solidified.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the ice cream mold?

When it comes to buying a new cookware, you want to invest in a good product. For this reason we bring you the advantages and disadvantages of an ice cream mold.


  • Allows you to make creative ice creams.
  • They are ecological, since you can reuse them.
  • You can give it other additional uses.
  • They are easy to clean.
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  • Some molds made from plastic contain BPA, a chemical that affects the hormonal system.

Ice cream cups for Cosmic Brownie Ice Cream and others

Since you love the Cosmic Brownie Ice Cream, we suggest you buy ice cream cups. They are a great way to serve this delicious dessert. And not only that, but they can also be used for any type of dessert.

What makes an ideal ice cream cup?

The best ice cream cups have these two characteristics:

  • They must be strong and not break easily.
  • It is essential that the glass has a good grip so that it does not slip from your hands when you hold it to eat or drink from it.

What types of ice cream cups can we find?

There are several types of ice cream cups that will be explained below:

PlasticThey can be used for both hot and cold drinks.
PaperThey are suitable for cold drinks.
CristalResistant and easy to clean.

What are the advantages of an ice cream cup?

  • It is easy to clean after use because you just have to wash them with water or put them in the dishwasher.

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