August 13, 2022


We’re pleased that you’re interested in working with us, and we’d be interested in hearing more from you.
Here’s how we do hiring….

**Our recruitment process stages:**

1. Rather than doing an interview, we prefer to let what you can do speak for itself, so we set a small trial task that should take no longer than you would usually prepare for and conduct an interview.
We’re not looking for ‘free work’, and we’ll never use anything you do (unless it all works out). Still, we find it helps to really separate keen applicants from numerous others who will only give us more works in vetting their applications; and, if it’s good, puts us on an excellent footing.
2. If this works out well, then we may offer you another trial task, more like an extended interview but, this time, is paid at a negotiated rate. It’ll involve you working as part of the team, and completing the kind of task that’s appropriate for the role.
Depending on your availability, this could go for a week. We’ll give you every opportunity to succeed and, during the process, will get to know each other that a ‘formal interview’ won’t be necessary.
3. Complete step 2 successfully – and decide you like us 🙂 – and you’re in! We will discuss terms and take it from there!

With the completion of this task, you’re also welcome to ask us as many questions as you like, and we’ll do our best to answer them!

**The Blogger Task:**
So, given that, should you choose to accept the challenge, then the initial trial task for this role is to take one of the following topics for a blog article and come up with:

  • The overall structure of the post with headings and sub-headings (in as much detail as you like)
  • An actual introduction to the post (not an overview, but written as you would write it.

**Here are some post topics to select from:**

  1. Trending ceiling design in any country(chose any country of your choice)
  2. Ceiling AC unit
  3. Best brand in Ceiling Bluetooth Speakers
  4. How to maximize your gains during flash sales
  5. Review of the kot4x trading broker
  6. Is babypips good for a beginner to learn forex?
  7. body pump: what it really is
  8. The vibration plate and its benefits (or its dangers)
  9. Recommendations for ladies with skinny body
  10. How safe is blockfi in comparison to coinbase

**Key points to remember**

  • Keep it Simple and practical
  • Engaging and a bit entertaining
  • Code-free (apart from copy and paste of copy)
  • Avoid plagiarism (You can reference existing content if appropriate)

In order for your application to get reviewed by our management team you will need to:

  • Complete One of the writing task above
  • Attach an updated version of your CV
  • Send both the task and your CV to

Looking forward to what you can come up with!

All the best,

Jennifer – Recruitment

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