August 12, 2022
Is There Money To Be Made From A Health Blog?

A health blog that a friend of mine and myself opened in 2010, generates $3,800 on average monthly. Now, let me see who tells me that one cannot make a living as a health blogger.

And that is of today. Tomorrow the trend tells me that it will be more since we are multiplying by 3 the turnover every 2 years and I see no sign that the thing will stop anytime soon.

Can You Make Money With A Health Blog?

I think the answer is pretty clear. The question is not whether you can or not, you already know that. The question we must answer is more complicated:

How do you make money with a health blog?

What strategy or system do I need to know in order to make money with my health blog?

I will dedicate this post to talk about this sensitive issue and I will do it in a simple way: explaining everything I would tell my siblings in case they wanted to be bloggers in the health niche someday.

Important Things You Should Know About Making Money With A Health Blog

Making money with a blog, especially a health blog, is not an easy task. No, it is not. But if you stop being guided by your instinct and use the right strategies, you will greatly increase your chances. However, I would say that without the help of a mentor you are unlikely to achieve it.

Is There Money To Be Made From A Health Blog?

Success in the world of blogging does not depend on how well you can handle your computer, or how good you can write. It does not even depend on how much you work, although it is always better many hours than a few. All these are necessary, but it is not enough.

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Know and Understand The Readers on Your Health Blog

The most relevant thing is to be clear the people or group of people you write for and know how you can help them solve their particular needs.

Call it Experience, Call it Clarity, or call it Focus, a health blog is not all about you, your story, your products, your solutions or your Lifestyle.

A successful blog is about your readers, their wishes, their questions, their concerns, their goals, and their problems.

You may know and understand what it means to put yourself at the service of your readers, but it is not so easy to really listen to your readers and get to work for them.

A blogger may have hundreds of posts or contents, but it is possible that only 2 or 3 may be doing well. This is because those posts follow the mastery that any successful blogger has to know and do.

A successful blogger is always doing new things and leaving their comfort zone.

For each win, there are possible 4 failures that lay in the waste of your posts that may never be published on your health blog.

Of course, blogging is a super interesting path but not suitable for everyone; everyone has their unique and special skills, plus different drives and motivation.

You will have to become an information producer

A good health blog draws on great content. It is the key today to stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

Therefore, your first task as a blogger is to produce content; and not just any content.

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You need the best possible content to attract the best possible visits to you. And it doesn’t matter if you produce them in text, audio or video. Without this content base, you will not get anywhere.

The idea is that you master the art of recycling your content to increase your reach by writing little and trying to achieve maximum reach so as not to exhaust yourself.

After mastering the contents, you will have to learn how to publish them on email channels and on social networks.

And, finally, you will have to create info-products if you want to have a prosperous business without being a slave to it.

Third-Party Products or Affiliates

We can earn money by selling third party products. The products in this case could be electronic books or health products like supplements.

I will explain how to make money online by selling other people’s digital products (affiliate marketing). In this type of online sale there are four parts involved: The affiliate network, the product owner, the affiliate and the online shoppers. It works very well.

People (merchants) need help selling their items online. They know that if they work with bloggers and webmasters, they will be able to reach a much wider audience than they would have ever achieved before. So they register their products online with affiliate networks so that others can promote them.

You as a publisher of health contents create your blog site and then search for the products you want to promote. These are usually health products that will be of great value to your audience.

Every time someone completes a transaction and a sale, you get a commission.

Sale of own products on your Health Blog

Selling physical products through your blog is another excellent way to generate income, since the margin will be greater than with affiliation or advertising and you will not be so limited to the volume of visits you have.

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But the biggest drawback is that, as a general rule, you will have to take care of storing the products and making the shipments. This implies an associated cost and prevents this form of monetization from becoming an automatic income.

Digital Books

Selling your own ebook is a great way to start automating a sales process.

If you are not sure how to configure payments and download of the ebook on your blog, you can use platforms such as E-Junkie to sell PDF books, or put it up for sale on Amazon.

An online course

An online course can be in the form of videos or downloadable documents, and if you join an automated sales system, such as a sequence of emails through Mailchimp or Active Campaign, you can create a very, very interesting passive income.

Final Thought

I hope this article has helped you understand the different ways to make money with your health blog. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, but generally, the more effort they require, the more money you can get.

In any case, monetizing a blog so that it becomes a stable source of income is a major career. You won’t get it in a month or two, so prepare yourself with patience. Think your strategy well, and start it already. Don’t delay it anymore!

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