Ensuring Your Wellbeing By Learning These Self-Defense Tips

Ensuring Your Wellbeing By Learning These Self-Defense Tips

We at Top Health Fix want to see you healthy, happy, strong, and SAFE! That is why we dedicate this post to the importance of gaining self-defense knowledge and security from the inside out.

The idea is for you to learn how to use your presence as a tool to feel more secure in any environment.

We will share some tips on the importance of being alert since before learning to use your body to defend yourself, it is essential to maintain a strong and safe physical presence; we do not want to be easy victims.

Here are some Self-Defense tips:

1. Be attentive to your surroundings, follow your sixth sense, and above all: put down your cell phone and headphones when outdoor.

2.- Do not expose yourself and distance yourself from risky situations.

3.Resolve: always walk safely, your presence and your voice are also tools to defend yourself. Call for help, yell, and get attention when need be.

4.- Sometimes there is not even time to scream, that is why it is important to have our senses alert and our body trained to defend itself and get out of a dangerous situation as soon as possible.

Ensuring Your Wellbeing By Learning These Self-Defense Tips

The Self Defense Company has helped thousands learn how to protect and defend regardless of their age, size, and gender. 

Join the self-defense training program and learn How to defend yourself effectively and legally and tips you can use right now.

During Your training, you can identify the energy from which we are vibrating and how to learn to modify it through thought, emotion and language.

What we think is created by our reality, that is why it is so important to be present and identify the thoughts and emotions that we have. Only then will you be able to present yourself to the world as you want.

However, it is not only about wishing, or having an intention, it is about being aligned, acting and being consistent with what we dream to make it happen.

Every day ask yourself how you feel and what is the intention you want to manifest. Do not live in automatic, connect with you and learn to listen to your inner self.

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