August 12, 2022
Get the best curls using your hair straightener

Electrical devices are essential and make it much easier for us to do our hairstyles. For example, who has not heard of small hair straighteners? If you want to have one in your home, pay attention to this article.

Hair care may be one of the most important aspects of personal hygiene. There are many products and services on the market. In addition, consumers are always in search of the best. For this reason, it is a sector that focuses on the continuous renewal and research of new and improved formulas.


  • The hair straightener is one of the most demanded products, both by women and men, with the aim of showing off splendid hair.
  • The most valued materials are ceramic and titanium. It is because they have high effectiveness in electric hair care devices.
  • The quality of the iron and its good treatment with the hair are the most considered criteria before purchasing the product. However, there are other important aspects that we will tell you about throughout the article.

The best small hair straighteners on the market: our recommendations

Hair straighteners have become essential when it comes to varying and playing with our hair. We don’t even need knowledge in hairdressing. Thanks to multiple innovations, we can change styles easily and quickly. If you are thinking of purchasing this device, we hope that the following list, with the best models on the market, will help you in your choice.

The best hair straightener according to its value for money

Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Pro Straightener

Remington Professional Keratin Therapy Pro Hair Straightener

When choosing small hair straighteners, we look for the best relationship between quality and price. It is useless for the product to be cheap if it is not characterized by its effectiveness and does not fully satisfy us. Bearing this in mind, Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Pro offers us professionalism at the best cost.

This iron has a sensor that protects up to three times more from heat if we compare it with another that does not have it. It allows us to change the temperature with a digital control of five settings. In addition, it uses advanced ceramic plates with keratin. Those who have tried it are especially pleased with its rapid heating up.

Ghd platinum+ – Professional hair straightener

ghd platinum+ - Professional hair straightener

In this case, the Ghd platinum small hair straightener puts the latest ultra-zone technology within our reach. Thanks to it, it achieves a homogeneous temperature of 185º on the plates. This means that to achieve good results, it is not necessary to use more heat, but to distribute it efficiently.

There are many features that its users highlight and for which they are more than satisfied with the purchase. Some of them are the softness and good treatment that it gives to the tips, since it does not spoil them or dry them out. In addition, it prevents frizz and its results are spectacular on rebellious hair. In addition, it automatically turns off after thirty minutes of use.

Small hair straighteners to make curls –Remington Curl & Straight Confidence Hair Straightener

Remington Curl & Straight Confidence Hair Straightener

Small Hair straighteners were created, mainly, to perform the function of straightening. However, its second most common use is for curling. By making a series of movements with the device and, depending on how you place the section, you can achieve a multitude of different types of waves. To do this, this Remington model, thanks to its spiral plates, makes it much easier for you.

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Users love this straightener and its ability to curl hair. They positively value the hold of the hair and ease of waving. Unlike other plates, not specialized in the curl mode, this one achieves the best results with which to create different looks .

Buying guide: What you should know about small hair straighteners

In this guide, we help you to know a little more in depth what this device consists of. You will also see some of its advantages and disadvantages. Also, if you are not very familiar with its method of operation, we will show you everything you need to know before making your purchase.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a hair straightener?

First of all, we must clarify that the use of a hair straightener is not everything for your hair to look healthy and strong. It is essential that you take care of it with appropriate products. It is that, if it is not in good condition, this device will not be able to achieve the result we expect.

Taking this into account, below, we show you some more generalized advantages and disadvantages of its use:


  • Visibly beautiful and styled hair
  • Helps to change your look quickly
  • You can straighten your hair or create different patterns of curls and waves
  • Its use is more economical compared to a hairdressing session
  • Helps control the most rebellious hairs
  • It is a unisex product


  • Excessive use can damage the hair.
  • It is advisable to use previous products that protect the hair from heat
  • The quality of the plate, among other factors, will make the look more or less durable.

What types of hair straighteners are there?

In the world of hair straighteners, there are endless varieties. You will find models of various sizes, colors and technologies, among others. When we decide to buy it, we must carry out an effective search for information. It is that the cost of the product is not relevant if in the end we are not satisfied with the results.

It is also important to note that not all straighteners act in the same way and not all hair is the same. Thanks to the wide variety on the market, there is a perfect model for you.

How to use small hair straighteners?

hair curler

Hair straighteners offer us the great convenience of straightening or waving our hair in a very simple way. However, it is convenient to bear in mind that if we do not use the device correctly, we could damage it. Continuous exposure to high temperatures is capable of making it look fragile and brittle.

Remember that before each use you must prepare your hair. These are the following steps that, in general, we have to follow for a good result:

  1. In the event that the hair is wet, we must dry it. Otherwise, we will be burning it.
  2. Then we will comb it and untangle it as much as possible. You can use the oils or sprays that facilitate this step.
  3. It is very important that we use a hair protector against heat. In this way, we will avoid the frizz, breakage and dryness that the iron can create.
  4. Once it is connected to electricity, you just have to choose the ideal temperature and wait for it to heat up. Some models notify you with a beep when they are ready to be used. If not, wait up to 2-3 minutes.
  5. Finally, we divide the hair into strands and gently pass the iron. The time it takes will depend on the look we want and our hair type.
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How to clean a hair straightener?

If you take continuous care of your hair straightener, you will ensure that it lasts longer, does not lose quality and does not start to damage our hair. This will be important, especially if you are a professional and your outlay has been high. Also, when we buy a product, we all look for it to be good, effective and durable.

For this to happen, you must clean it relatively regularly.

The most common way is to take a cloth with warm water and wash the plates. Be careful and wring out the cloth well so that no water enters the electrical system. Also pay attention not to use products that can scratch the material of the plates.

If this happens, it is very likely that the quality with which it treats your hair will worsen. Remember that to do it correctly, the device must be unplugged and cold.

How to fix small hair straighteners?

When we buy a hair straightener, what we expect is that it be efficient. That is, to leave our hair cared for and beautiful to the naked eye. However, we also look for the time and cost savings that come with going to a hairdresser. But what happens when this device breaks or starts to lose quality in its results?

The two options we have are: get rid of the iron to acquire a new one or try to fix the fault. In this buying guide we will always recommend the alternative that involves more responsible consumption with the environment.

Therefore, we advise you to take the product to the same place where you bought it. If you’re still under warranty, they’ll most likely fix the problem.

What is the correct way to store a hair straightener?

Surely many of us have had to repeatedly check if we had left our small hair straighteners connected. This is because one of the main concerns when using it is not to leave it on and that it can come into contact with something flammable.So that this does not happen, there are already many models on the market that have a timer and that turn off after thirty minutes of being turned on. Some of our tips are: use it in an area where there is no carpet on the floor, or water outlets.

We can also leave it hanging on a wall handle. However, be careful that the iron is not in contact with anything. In addition, some models have a nice support that you can leave on your bathroom counter.

Purchase criteria

Aspects such as an acceptable price, friendly service from the seller or a quick response, in the case of e-commerce , become essential when choosing a product. Below, we will also detail some criteria that are important and decisive for buyers of hair straighteners.


The size will depend on the use we want to give the product. If we are looking for small hair straighteners to use at home, this aspect may not be the most important. However, in the event that we travel often and need to transport all our care products, we will most likely buy one that is small. This will make the process easier and more comfortable.

In the case of hairdressers or beauty centers, people who are dedicated to treating hair use professional straighteners. These usually have larger dimensions, since they allow the work to be carried out more quickly. In addition, it is common for them to have a higher power than the small hair straighteners.


As we have commented previously, the beauty and aesthetics sector is in continuous development. This means that there are multiple options of products and services that we can use. In the case of small hair straighteners, we can find several color options, plate material or power.

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It is also very important to highlight the new models that focus on varying the shape of the plates. The objective of molding them and changing their original rectangular design is to make it easier and faster for us to create curls or waves in the hair. Since many times we are not able to achieve the result we have in mind with a conventional iron.


The functionality of the hair straightener is one of the main purchase aspects that the customer takes into account. This refers to the effectiveness and ability of the product to meet our needs. Since they all have the ability to smooth.

But do they treat the hair as we expected? Do they have enough power? Do you take longer than expected to straighten your hair?

Another important quality, in relation to functionality, is practicality. For example, that it be easy and comfortable to hold, or that it does not have a multitude of functions and buttons to make it simpler. These are some qualities that users value positively. We want to be able to work with her in an effective way.


Like the previous one, it is, without a doubt, one of the most important points when making a purchase decision. It is that the material will be the point of contact with your hair and the one that performs the straightening function.

Since the appearance of this product, ceramic has been the predominant material for plates. This is because it is a good conductor of heat and balances the charge of static electricity to prevent frizz.

Despite this, thanks to research and the development of new formulas, it has been determined that titanium offers greater advantages. For example, it gives the iron a longer life cycle. In addition, it is a better conductor of heat. This means that it is capable of achieving smoother and softer finishes.

Hair type

When it comes to choosing the best hair care product, we first need to know what our hair is like. In the case of small hair straighteners, there are models whose operation is more adequate, depending on its characteristics. For this reason, we have made the following list with which you can guide yourself:

plate type Hair type
Steam iron For ends that tend to split easily. This model produces less impact of heat on the hair, since it uses less temperature.
ceramic plate It is perfect for wavy hair or open curls.
iron with ions For the most rebellious manes and fine hair.
tourmaline straightener Ideal to repair dry hair and to have a softer mane.
titanium plate It is the best conductor of heat, which will make the result optimal in any hair.


Small Hair straighteners have become an essential tool that we use in our day to day. With them, we managed to treat our hairs and create the best hair looks . Although for that, we must first take into account all the models on the market. Also know the materials of the plates and their ability to manage heat, among others.

With this article we intend to guide you in your process of buying the ideal hair straightener. Throughout it, we have been commenting on the utilities and advantages of using them. You have learned a little more about the types that exist and the criteria that you must take into account before choosing a model. If it helped you, do not hesitate to share it and leave us in the comments which one is the most suitable for you.

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