Tips On What Vaccines And Medications To Take When Traveling To Nigeria

Tips On What Vaccines And Medications To Take When Traveling To Nigeria

Traveling is an activity that is carried out for various reasons; in many cases for pleasure and in others for work. In any situation, it must be clear that some countries do not have the sanitary or hygienic conditions existing in Europe or the USA and can cause you to get mild or serious diseases or infections.

How To Prepare When Traveling To Africa

In addition to planning the places to visit or activities to be carried out, it is necessary to find out if there are risk conditions that must be taken into account. Going to the doctor is necessary management especially if the destination is in Africa, Asia or South America.

The doctor can inform you to take any medication or get vaccinated before going, especially if you are going with people at risk such as children, the elderly, pregnant women or people with chronic diseases.

It is also important to find out about the health coverage of the country of destination and medical insurance. You can also seek advice on what foods to take or what hygiene measures to take.

Tips On What Vaccines And Medications To Take When Traveling To Nigeria

Traveling to Nigeria

Africa is a continent with a very wide diversity in fauna, landscapes, traditions, and customs. The contrasts of rural areas to urban areas are remarkable, you can move from a place full of vegetation to large deserts. You must take special consideration of the origin of foods and drinks that you consume.

When going to Nigeria, as well as most of the countries of Africa, it is necessary to get vaccinated in order to prevent the spread of different diseases such as malaria, and cholera, etc…

If you are going to travel to different countries it is necessary to know if there are additional requirements. Like, for example, if you want to visit Nigeria or South Africa after passing through Zambia, you would have to submit a yellow fever vaccination test.


Tips On What Vaccines And Medications To Take When Traveling To Nigeria

Mandatory Vaccinations When Going To Africa

In general, to be able to enter any country in Africa, it is necessary to have a yellow fever vaccination certification for travelers older than 1 year, who reside in countries of risk and for those travelers who have been in transit at the airport of a country at risk.

USA and countries under the EU are not endemic countries of this disease. However, if you have recently traveled to a country of risk you will have to have a current vaccination certificate.

Recommended Vaccines To Take When Coming To Africa

The recommended vaccines are those that are recommended to prevent contracting a disease in the country of destination. Africa with the diversity of countries that it has recommended getting:

  • polio vaccine,
  • yellow fever (over 9 months),
  • tetanus-diphtheria,
  • hepatitis A,
  • typhoid fever,
  • cholera or
  • Meningococcal meningitis.

For special care individuals, prophylaxis is added through vaccination for:

  • meningococcal disease,
  • typhoid fevers,
  • cholera,
  • rabies,
  • hepatitis B,
  • triple viral,
  • meningococcal meningitis or poliomyelitis (in some countries such as Nigeria).

In any case, a doctor or health specialist should be the right professional to recommend the vaccines necessary when visiting Nigeria or any other African country.

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