August 12, 2022
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Who has never dreamed of having the legendary wwe ice cream? Think about it, whenever you felt like it, you could eat a top quality artisanal ice cream without much effort. Wwe ice cream have come into our lives and what’s next?

Surely we can all remember the enthusiasm with which we ate ice cream as children. Now, we can do it in the healthiest way thanks to wwe ice cream outlets. Find out everything about this new wwe ice cream that is so fashionable.


  • The dream of many children (and adults) has come true. There are already many families who enjoy having the wwe ice cream outlet nearby. With these innovative tastiness, you will get high quality and very healthy ice creams.
  • All it takes is an ice cream machine and a few fresh ingredients for incredible results.
  • Do this when choosing the wwe ice cream to enjoy a refreshing treat at home. It’s important that we take into account aspects such as the type, flavor, size. Thus, we will always make the right purchase.

The Legacy Of WWE Ice Cream Bars

WWE Ice Cream Bars

What started as a fairly throwaway piece of merchandise in the 1980s has since taken on a life of its own and grown a frenzy. No wwe merchandising has ever quite had trended like the WWE ice cream bars.

WWF Ice Cream Bars first hit concession stands in 1987, a partnership with the Gold Bond Ice Cream Company based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Together, the two would produce the first series of WWF Ice Cream Bars, which would end up as the most iconic range the deal had ever put out. The premise is fairly simple; a loving helpful of vanilla ice cream, sandwiched between a layer of solid chocolate and a cookie, which had designs of the company’s biggest superstars printed on top, all together on a stick. (Reference).

Perhaps the moment that WWE’s Ice Cream Bars are most famous far is their reference in CM Punk’s segment in Mr. McMahon a few weeks after winning the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank in 2011. In it, listing his demands, Punk proclaimed that he wanted his very own ice cream bars. What could have been an easily forgotten line ended up resonating with much of the WWE audience, and the joke ended up revitalizing the fandom for WWE Ice Cream Bars.

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Types of ice cream machines for Home Use

ice-cream machines

Not all ice cream machines are the same. In fact, the truth is that there are up to four different types of machines, within which we will also find different models:

  • Classic ice cream machines: those of a lifetime, in which you have to mix ice and salt (in addition to the ingredients that give it flavor) until you get the desired consistency. Although they are traditionally manual and very laborious, you can now find them electric.
  • Traditional ice cream machines: in which the ice cream falls on top of the cone. They are very cheap and have an integrated freezer that allows you to get ice cream without waiting.
  • Ice cream machines with a bowl for the freezer: as the name suggests, these ice cream makers have a bowl that we must freeze previously and a mixing machine in which the ice cream is made.
  • Ice cream machines with integrated freezer: somewhat more complete than the previous ones, since the freezer is integrated into the refrigerator itself. Thanks to this, the ingredients are mixed at the same time that they cool down and the ice cream is created.

Outside of this classification, which is mainly based on the operation of the machine, we can mention portable refrigerators. These are very cheap and compact. It may not be the type used in making the wwe ice cream, but it is ideal to take anywhere and enjoy a good homemade ice cream whenever we feel like it.

How does an ice cream machine work?

Although it may seem that ice cream machines are complex and very difficult to understand, nothing is further from the truth. Its operation is very simple, even that of the most sophisticated models. In fact, it consists of four simple steps:

  • The ice cream maker (or outer container) must be cooled to the optimum temperature for ice cream preparation.
  • The ingredients are introduced depending on the flavor that we want to give the ice cream.
  • The blades of the ice cream machine are responsible for mixing everything and creating the movement to give consistency to the mixture. Usually they don’t take more than an hour.
  • You can eat directly, or let it cool for a longer time for a better integration of the ingredients.
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See how easy it is? We know that, with each new aspect that we tell you about ice cream machines, we are making it more difficult for you to resist the temptation to get one. But don’t blame us.

What accessories do they use for ice creams like the WWE Ice Cream?

Three fundamental pillars come into play when making ice cream: a good ice cream machine, quality ingredients and accessories that will make the task easier. The latter are sometimes included in the machine package itself. However, others have to be bought separately. The most essential are:

  • Container: the place where we will make the mixture that will become ice cream. The machine will have one as standard, but we can buy more to prepare a larger quantity at the same time.
  • Shovel: essential for hygienic handling of the mixture. It is highly recommended that they are made of quality materials, such as silicone.
  • Tapa: fundamental during the process of making ice cream. Specialists recommend two aspects: that they be transparent (so we can see what is happening in the machine) and that they can be removed (so we can add ingredients during the process, if necessary).
  • Timer: to take out the ice cream at the right time and enjoy quality results.
  • Recipe book: in case our imagination fails us and we need an extra contribution of inspiration.

Tips to help you make your own ice cream

make your own creamy

In addition to carefully following the instructions for use and preparation of ice cream proposed by the manufacturer, there are some tricks or extra tips that you can take into account to get the most out of your ice cream machine. Grab a pen and paper, here we go!

  • It is essential that the container in which the ice cream is going to be made is completely cold. If it is not integrated in the machine, do not forget to check this aspect before starting.
  • It is also important that the ingredients are cold (approximately 3 or 4 ºC) so that the consistency of the ice cream is the best.
  • Don’t forget the sugar. Although we make very healthy ice cream recipes, sugar also helps create texture, in addition to giving better flavor. Don’t worry, your artisanal wwe ice cream will always be healthier than the industrial ones.
  • Once the ice cream is made, it is advisable to be patient and let it cool overnight to improve the final result. Although it may seem like a long time, this rest is crucial for the flavors to integrate correctly and the texture to be better.
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Having a piece of the wwe ice cream is a dream come true. From now on, some good practices has made enjoying the whim of eating an ice cream and eating a healthy diet is no longer incompatible. Thanks to ice cream makers, you can make homemade ice cream with completely natural ingredients and of exceptional quality.

Of course, it is essential that you take into account certain purchase criteria to choose the model that best suits your needs. Remember to review the instructions for use well, and enjoy! We are sure that you will spend great moments with your family thanks to this innovative appliance. 

If you liked our guide to ice cream machines (and it has whetted your appetite a bit), share it on social networks and leave us a comment. We are looking forward to hearing about your experience!

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